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We have a selection of Tani and Moda Immagine items on sale at generously discounted prices. The range of sizes and colours is strictly limited, so be quick!

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The Alquema Range

Base Layers

The Baselayers range consists of thermal underwear, briefs, knitted boxers, slips, camisoles, sleepwear and bodywear.

Bay Road

The Bay Road Collection


The Braintree clothing range includes essential casual basics as well as classic cuts providing versatile, comfortable, durable and fashionable garments. Braintree has developed a variety of fabrics including pure hemp, organic cotton, hemp/cotton, bamboo/cotton, bamboo/hemp, and more.


MahaShe specialise in cotton dresses and skirts. The fabrics are unique and they have been well designed - they fit well.

Moda Immagine

"Moda Immagine produces an exclusive range of Italian knitwear, and has become a Ravir favourite both summer and winter. All Moda Immagine garments are made in Italy."

Possum/merino knitwear

Ravir stocks an extensive range of possum/merino knitwear for men and women. These garments are far more popular than wool due to their quality, durability, warmth and comfort. Possum fur is a hollow fibre, hence the great insulation factor, and the lightweight nature of the garments.

Possum/merino fibre is produced in New Zealand, where the possum is considered a pest. The possum was introduced from Australia last century, and has wreaked havoc with the native flora and fauna in New Zealand, resulting in ongoing eradication programs.

Possum/merino garments are far more popular than wool due to their quality, durability, warmth and comfort. They're great for travel – they pack light, are easy care, and have a wonderful snuggle factor.




The Tani micromodal range is renowned for its superb feel, ease of care, and durability. Made by Lenzing, the fabric is composed of fibre made from Austrian beechwood. Once you wear it, you'll never put up with harsh synthetics or other fabrics which irritate sensitive skin.

Tani produces a core range of tops, tunics, leggings and pants in basic colours, sized 10-18. These individual pieces are perfect for layering.

"Tani clothes feel soft and comfortable. You can dress them up or down which makes them very versatile – and the effect can be either relaxed or stylish. They go with other clothes easily and the fit is good. I enjoy wearing Tani!”

Benita Perera, Eltham, Victoria

Lenzing Modal®, is naturally soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological. The fiber is produced, using Edelweiss® technology. Edelweiss stands for a "symbiotic" production process - pulp, the raw material, is produced at the same site as the Modal fiber itself. Thus production can be done while going easy on energy and other resources.

Lenzing Modal®, a modal fiber from Lenzing, is extracted from beechwood. The beech tree is quite unique and has grown in Europe for a very long time. Directly from beechwood forests, Lenzing Modal® gives each and every textile a natural image.


Toorallie is a well-known Australian knitwear brand with roots going back to 1835 and the fledgling merino wool industry which had its origins in south-eastern NSW. In 1991 the Toorallie brand was established, using the fine merino which has since become a staple of Australian clothing.


Beautiful jackets that just make you wish for bad weather!

Zaket & Plover

The Zaket & Plover Range is designed in Melbourne. It's quirky - has an edge of difference.

Ballarat Gold

The Ballarat Gold Range